Who Bewitched Idoma?

A young Man identified as Emah Adakole has taken to his “Enone Assembly” wassap platform which was aimed to embrace, promotes and protect the interest of Idoma youth, to express his feelings toward the people of Idoma Community where himself hails from

He wrote;

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Idoma people are peace loving people who are highly industrious in farming, hunting and fishing. This tribe is known by their generosity in the days of old. One of the major distinguishing features of this tribe is bravery. This is probably because their ancestors were warriors. Interesting again, Idoma people are good in service delivery in an office of primary responsibility especially outside their homeland. They have all these records to their glory from time immemorial.

However, just life W. B. Yeats says, “Things fall apart, centre can no longer hold”. Unfortunately, the set of Idoma people of high culture we have today are the ones who speak with different tones from our ancestors in terms of generosity and patriotism. A very few Idoma people are givers in our days and most at times, this set of people are hated for whipping away tears from people’s eyes. Then I ask again, WHO BEWITCHED IDOMA?

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Undoubtedly, the new set of Idoma leaders of the recent time have tried by bringing some visible tools of development such as Oweto road/bridge, Open University, Federal college of Education, Federal University of Health Science Otupko and others to their fatherland. Obvious these achievements are supposed to be a paradigm shift for this highly marginalized and backward tribe, but in the contrary that seems to be the Genesis of the pains of these people who might live to hear and see these breakthrough but can only watch to witness rich strangers benefit from what is meant for them right at their door posts while they will be totally exempted. Then I ask again, WHO BEWITCHED IDOMA?

Furthermore, our big men do not know the voice of their sheep and their she do not follow them until during campaign rally. As it should be, one of the qualities of a good leader is his ability to identify potential and harness it. In the contrary, our leaders overgeneralized everybody by treating both good hearted people who are supposed to be profitable materials as criminals. If everyone needs a shoulder to climb, then what becomes the fate of some future leaders who might be waiting for the attention of our current leaders till eternity? Then I ask again, WHO BEWITCHED IDOMA?

Finally, Nigeria is a country where having a

good job does not stop one from fear of tomorrow. Therefore everybody tries to hold whatever that enters his or her hands tight. Notwithstanding, despite this economic reality of this nation, some other tribes in this country who are habitual givers still give within their reach. But my question is, if Idoma should be practicing almagiri system, how many children will survive? If Idoma men and women beg like other tribes, how many of them will still be living today? If Idoma leaders occupy seats of authority all over the nation, how many Idoma youths will proudly say, “I’m happy I came from Idoma? Go through our Universities, it is only students from Benue State and precisely Idoma that will be looking like slaves. Come to think of the Federal University of Health Sciences Otukpo, Idoam have fully realized that they are vulnerable both inside-out. Then I ask again, WHO BEWITCHED IDOMA.

Comr. Emah Adakole Nathaniel.

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