See The Main Districts Of The Colonial Idoma Native Authority


1. Agatu
2. Ochewu
3. Adoka
4. Ugboju
5. Otukpo
6. Onyagede
7. Oglewu
8. Akpa
9. Edumoga
10. Okpoga
11. Ichama
12. Otukpa
13. Owukpa
14. Orokam
15. Utonkon
16. Igumale
17. Agila
18. Ulayi
19. Ijigbam
20. Ito
21. Oju
22. Uwokwu

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* Ito, Oju and Uwokwu are Igede speaking
* Utonkon is Ufia speaking while Akpa is Akweya speaking but both speak the generic Idoma dialect as well.

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* Only Igumale, Utonkon and Agila had powerful Kingdoms with royal family and an unbroken line of Kings stretching back 500 years.

* Oglewu is fusion of Ochobo and Oglewu precolonial chiefdoms

* Ugboju, Otukpo and Adoka each have a common ancestor but all have minority clans assimilated through marriages

* Umogidi was an independent chieflet added to Adoka

* Onyagede is made up of precolonial chieflets which include Onyagede, Agadagba, Okpiko, Aume, Ukpobi and the small Abakpa clan of Onyagede

* Agatu is made up of 18 independent precolonial chiefdoms while Ochekwu is made up of 13 independent chiefdoms.

* Precolonial Edumoga included Igede speaking Ito and had 5 Chiefdoms: Ito, Eke, Edumoga-Icho, Edumoga-Ehaje and Ugbokolo.

* Akpa, Orokam and Ichama has 5 unrelated clans each
* Otukpa and Okpoga have 3 unrelated clans each
* Agatu continued as a local government while Ochewu continued as Apa local government

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