Rennaissance: The Potency Of Unity In Actualization Of Benue Rebirth Movement

By: Pastor Paul Udeh Agbo, A.k.a,Paul 360°

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As the peaceful and ever hospitable people of Benue South (Zone C) which I am also a part of by every standard honestly drives for liberalization from what looks like a natural phenomenon, but rather a product of social imagination and orchestration by those who tend to quickly forget that both the natural and human made laws have a kind of repulsive resonances against injustices and unreasonable sentiments

Now that we have realized that even the so called democracy as a system of government practiced in Nigerian societies is not in tune with the purported acts of sidelining any set of citizens based on just a mere ethic or tribal differences. Benue like every other states in Nigeria consist of 3 senatorial districts in which power has been in rotation between 2 out of the 3 senatorial districts. It’s worthwhile to note that even traditional African societies doesn’t support such injustice not to talk about modern western democracy that is purely rooted in christian principles which by all standard believes strongly in justice and fairness. Come to think of the fact that the 3 senatorial districts of the state are about 98% Christians, hence one will wonder why such maltreatment still exist in the midst of “love your neighbors as yourself” as the hallmark of christian teachings

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I wish to briefly shed some light on the necessity of unity as Benue south (Zone C) woke up to the challenges of genuinely pushing for their first share of the power zoning in the history of the state comes 2023, it is expedient that every sons and daughters, young and old, males and females note that unity is key. Reflecting on the event at the ‘Tower of Babel’ in the book of Genesis chapter 11 verse 1 – 7 (NLT – New Living Translation) and I quote: At one time all the people of the world spoke the same language and used the same words. As the people migrated to the east, they found a plain in the land of Babylonia and settled there. They began saying to each other, “Let’s make bricks and harden them with fire.” (In this region bricks were used instead of stone, and tar was used for mortar.) Then they said, “Come, let’s us build a great city for ourselves with a tower that reaches into the sky. This will make us famous and keep us from being scattered all over the world.” But the Lord came down to look at the city and the tower the people were building. “Look!” he said. “The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them! Come, let’s go down and confuse the people with different languages. Then they won’t be able to understand each.”

As I rap up this episode 1, there are several words and phrases that need a lot of reflection among all the zone C citizens as we collectively advance the movement of Benue Rebirth Movement. I have been reading a lot of lamentations on the past betrayals and shows of personal interests among the people who supposed to be the major agitators of these movement, but dwelling in the past is a bad business, hence, we will need to only learn from the past mistakes and errors as a guide toward this new burning fire that has partly engulfed the external force which is evident in the fact that majority are agitating on our behalf already. What we really need is to keep on speaking in one language which is the basis for unity and even God said, and nothing can stop whatever we agreed together to accomplish. This is a good news for every individual members of Benue south/zone C

I strongly believe in the leadership of the movement mainly because, they are not political entrepreneurs who have the inherent capacity to always turn situations in a way that subjectivity can easily be smell and consequently throw the overall aims and objectives of the movement to the wind

Congratulations in advance to all members of Benue south/zone C as our minds are made up to passionately continue to sing, dream, talk, think, clap, whisper, dance “Benue Rebirth Movement” in both conscious and subconscious STATE. Shalom!

…episode 2 coming soon

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