Man Nabbed In Owukpa Over Suspected Fraudulent Acts

Very early in the morning On 29th October 2021 in Aho-Ogbor Community, an Igbo mechanical engineer named Chizoba and who resides in Ahor-Ogbor Community, reported to the Ehaje youth President, Hon. Lawrence Okoh over some suspected hoodlums that were making an attempt to defruad him.

Speaking to Owucity news correspondent on voice note on 30th October, the Hon. Special assistant to the Governor of Benue State on Community relations, Comrade Okoh Lawrence told Owucity that he was at his home on the 29th of October 2021, when Chizoba, who is a native of Obollo Eke, came to his house at Ahogbor environs.
He said, According to Chizoba the engineer, some group of boys have been disturbing him to pay one hundred and fifty thousand #150,000 or else he should vacated the Owukpa land where his working as a mechanical engineer, repairing sawing machines, generators, palm oil machines among others.

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According to the Comrade, the meeting point the hoodlums gave for the collection of the 150,000 was under a mango tree, Methodist Church along Odobe road Owukpa. The comrade who was ensuring the culprits are brought to book told Mr. Chizoba to played along by informing them to come around the Church to collect the money.

Unfortunately for one of the fraudsters, he was nabbed when he came to collect the 150,000 to enable Mr. Chizoba the Obollo Eke Man to live in the land.
As at the time of filing this information, the exact time the young Man was caught was not confirmed.

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In the course of the efforts by Comrade Okoh Lawrence, many people came out massively to give him Credits for job well done, for mobilizing local guards to bring one of the suspects to book.

How ever, the Comrade brought out anger in a Video clip, that henceforth he won’t respect any traditional rulers and other stakeholders as they refused to buy him tools for protection when he was embarking on the journey to forest to fetch the boys out.

Nevertheless,the Owukpa stakeholders there pleaded with the Comrade that the needful would be done. This statement was made in same video where the fraudsters promised to mentioned names of his gangs, if the video camera was turned off.

Owucity gathered that the suspects are people from the Ahor/Ankpa Community.

The reasons for the movement is to make sure the relationship between the two neighbouring Community, Obollo Eke and Owukpa not bridged. Owukpa people live somewhere else too, source added.

Even while the leadership of Owukpa Community is unstable because of the Owukpa court case, Owukpa can never be a lawless society. Bringing perpetrators of crime to book through Youths and others that have the Community at heart.

Recalled it was alleged Months ago in Various Owukpa chatting groups that, some unknown persons/Units that wants to feel important in the Community by all means triggering crisis among clans in Owukpa to achieve their aims.

Some said they felt cheated by other clans and wants to balance the equations. Others said, Order of seniority is not followed in Owukpa, that this is modern era, because the old people sees less and vice versa.

Many people believed The above misunderstanding mentioned perhaps, the reasons many atrocities have been happening in various parts of the Community.

God will see the Community through.


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